Saturday, May 21, 2011

Your constant reader.

I’m the Constant Reader. No, seriously. I read all the damn time.

As a newly graduated journalism student who moonlights as a bibliophile and fictionist (wow, Microsoft Word, I thought I just made that up. Or did I blow your tiny little spell-check mind SO MUCH that you will now leave me alone forever? Let’s hope), I have a lot of time and a lot of unread books piled up.

Yeah. Like these.
So I’m going to be your friendly tour guide through my opinions about what I read between applying for normal people employment and trying to make my own writing grow.

I’m heavily partial to literary fiction, although I’m getting bored with it (one more Melodramatic Things Happen to Saintly People book and I will punch all the symbolically important corn in Iowa) and am dipping my toes into science fiction; I don’t understand poetry but I know people who do (hi Thomas!). My top five favorite authors are Zadie Smith, David Mitchell, Lionel Shriver, Jeffery Eugenides, and Stephen King when he’s writing novellas.

Context is important, y’all. As is noting that I’ve lived in South Carolina my entire life so I can totally get away with using that. Uh huh. Let’s get to the good stuff already.

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