Friday, June 10, 2011

Return your books or you won't go to heaven.

Book: Library Mascot Cage Match: an Unshelved Collection

Authors: Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

Publication: 2005 (Overdue Media)

Pages: 120

When I walk my books into the library instead of using the book drop outside, I get distracted by stuff like this.

It’s a collection of the comic strip Unshelved (which is online and updates five days a week; your move, xkcd), so there’s no overarching plotline except that library life is crazy, so to sum up why I love this, just read the dialogue of this particular strip.

Patron: Those teenagers are talking on the pay phone!
Dewey (teen librarian): Sorry, that’s allowed.
Patron: And playing games on the computer!
Dewey: Also okay.
Patron: Now they’re tearing up library books!
Dewey: No they’re not.
Patron: How did you know?
Dewey: We can sense it. Part of our training on Dagobah.


  1. Glad to see you like Unshelved. The creators are nice guys and are great at talking about the inspirations behind certain comics.

    ...they gave me a hat.

  2. Cool! I love hearing how creative people come up with their art.
    ...Also, what's the hat look like?

  3. FFFF I love Unshelved.

    ...And they DO train us on Dagobah. But only for the microfilm readers.