Friday, August 12, 2011

What a buck (and 7% sales tax) can buy you

Book: This Must Be the Place

Author: Anna Winger

Published: 2008 (Riverhead Books)

Pages: 303

What do you get when you put a fading, discontent actor who now earns all his fame from being the voice of Tom Cruise in the German versions of his films and a fading, discontent wife of a business man who recently lost her baby and managed to convince herself to follow her husband overseas but now barely wants to get out of her bathtub in the same Berlin apartment complex?

Answer: a good peek into the workings of dubbing Hollywood movies into native languages, a small roundabout way on how porn can save a local economy, a radically optimistic plan to go back to L.A. on Tom Cruise’s approval, a slowly discovered neighborhood, a lopsided crush, a midlife crisis that doesn’t know where to go when it’s already got a sports car and younger girlfriend, layers of wallpaper, another pregnancy, a post-war German who transcends the cliché of discovering his Jewish roots, and a very good reason why the Dollar Tree should advertise its book section more.


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