Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life and books and books and life

Your Constant Reader is not going to do that thing she despises in other blogs, where the writer apologizes for going silent for awhile and spends too many words describing why when “life” usually sums it up pretty well.

Life is NOT what happens when you’re making other plans. You have to catch that mofo and shape it however you can or else it’ll just ooze through your fingers like flubber.

That’s what your Constant Reader has been doing lately—trying to mold this post-graduation mush into some sort of living. And it’s working, sort of. In the past month, I’ve finished the first draft of my (latest? Third? Sounds pretentious until I remind everyone that they’re all unpublished) novel, gotten a (part-time minimum wage) job, and laid plans that might soon have me moving out of my parents’ house and back to my college town (NOT GRAD SCHOOL, you fake job site leeches! Gerroff!).

I keep reading through all this, continuously, compulsively, like breathing, but it’s all old stuff I’ve read a million times and I’m reading again because it soothes the anxiety that thrums through my brain and keeps me up at night worrying about my next steps in that pesky real world. The most coherent opinions I have about any of them by now have degraded to “SHUT UP AM REEEEEAAAAADING.”

But Monday, I drove by Boarder’s and mourned their last four days of business over here by spending $6.22 on five books and one album. All new.

I also dove into the free pile which is caged outside the (other) bookstore that’s next to the store where I work now. I’m going to need blinders or massive stress-induced migraines to keep my reading list from multiplying like bunnies.

Look to the next entry to see which one I’ve already devoured, and stay tuned for the rest mingled amongst your Constant Reader’s shouts of triumph and frustration. I imagine it’ll get rather loud around here.  

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