Friday, September 14, 2012

Rich white guy gets old and worries about it

Book: About Schimdt

Author: Louis Begley

Published: 1997 (Ballantine)

Pages: 273

Maybe it’s because estate law is boring, or because his daughter never becomes enough of a character to feel strongly about their central conflict one way or another, or because he’s a rich old white guy who finds being a retired slightly less rich old white guy really difficult and doesn’t know how to transcend that pain out of its inherent pettiness—I didn’t like poking around in Schimdt’s head.

It was dull and cranky and, worst of all, had no story in it. He does things, such as hate the fact that his daughter is marrying a Jewish guy. And things are done to him, mostly sexual advances from the females who are not related to him. But they are clichés strung together and hitched in the middle by a dying relative inheritance coincidence that puts him comfortably ahead of where he started literally without him doing a thing.

I’m donating this one. Maybe a ready-to-retire WASP will pick it up and read it, then shudder and go do exciting and/or useful things with the rest of their life.

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