Thursday, August 29, 2013

Journey through the Caped Crusader's...something

Book: Batman R.I.P. (Deluxe Edition)

Grant Morrison and Tony S. Daniel

Published: 2009 (DC)

Pages: We’ve been through this before, guys. I don’t know.

…so what in the hell did I just read?

A.      A psychological tour of Batman’s deepest fears being used against him but then him also using that to turn into another Batman that he created specifically so he could punch his fears in the face and then use a bullet when they won’t stay down.

B.      Half flashback, half…present-back?

C.      Darth Vader-level daddy issues?

D.      A world without Batman! But don’t worry, it’s not real.

E.       The Joker playing these dudes, or the Black Glove playing the Joker?

F.       Batman going all Inception to get into the Joker’s head.

G.     And it works, right? I’m pretty sure it works in the end.

H.      Robin’s Greatest Hits.

I.        Dynamic artwork and creepy-ass Thin White Duke Joker.

J.        Obligatory feminist gripes: of COURSE the women are either helpless (Batman’s drugged-up mom) or faithless power-hungry backstabbers (his girlfriend).

I think all this adds up to something comprehensible, and I liked reading it – I’m just not sure if I caught all I should’ve from the storyline, because even though it’s a collected story arc, it feels like I jumped right into the middle of something and never really found my narrative footing.

Oh well. It was good Monday night reading. Back to the Graphic Novels shelf at the library.

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