Sunday, February 16, 2014

We're just like you (no, really, we've even got the same whimsical observations)

Book: We're Just Like You, Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle
Author: Celia Rivenbark
Published: 2004 (St. Martin's Griffin)
Pages: 270

You have heard all these Southern/ladies vs. men/marriage/childbirth and -rearing jokes before, I promise, but they're nicely laid out with a pleasingly low level of wackiness throughout.

However, they get old and tired (and that's not just the section on menopause - bah-dah-cha! Oh god, please someone STOP ME if I start actually using these jokes in real life as if they're real jokes that people really want to hear/read) by the end of this thin collection.

They're newspaper humor columns, and I have a feeling that if I were reading them in the paper they would be the kind I'd go to weekly to check the topic and then probably read all the way through to see if they're as corny as they look on first glance and get sort of a "meh, better than For Better or Worse" feeling. My mom would definitely cut a couple out and send them to me, but this is a lady who still uses scissors to cut physical newsprint to send me dog cartoons through the U.S. Postal Service (hey, I gotta decorate the fridge in my living room somehow), so temper your enthusiasm thusly.

I'm going to donate this and just add a couple more web comics about nerds to my RSS feed. Those are my true people.

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