Friday, April 26, 2013

Good books get better!

Book: Kingyo Used Books Volume 2
Author/illustrator: Seimu Yoshizaki
Published: 2004 (Viz Signature)
Pages: …I can’t tell.

I got to actually, literally, in real-manga-time see how reading a story affects people in the rest of their lives in this volume, so I now officially love this series.

Best examples: a schoolboy finds Tezuka’s Adolf in his desk and reading it and sending notes to the student with the same name who keeps leaving the volumes makes the boy take hold of his own destiny by defending himself and manga at the same time! And a boy who recently lost his father gets inspired to take a journey when he finds his dad’s favorite series and follows its lead.

The one weak spot is the story about the manly man secretly liking girly manga but being ashamed of it. Literally all that happens is him standing around muttering in a bookstore until a couple other guys unashamedly buy the girly stuff and the manly man is all, “Oh…so, I guess that’s okay then.” And that's where it ends.

 But there are still books that are palpably changing lives, and no, you can never argue with that because you won’t win. Going back to the library; I will eventually dine on the third volume.

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