Monday, December 2, 2013

The least surprisingly great read so far

Book: Drown
Author: Junot Diaz
Published: 1997 (Riverhead)
Pages: 208

I finally got around to reading Junot Diaz's first collection of short stories and of course it's wonderful and of course they're all interlocking and about Yunior and his childhood growing up in Jersey and the Dominican Republic and strange relatives and fighting couples and island outcasts and sort-of sometimes-asshole brothers.

Of course there's smattering of Spanish and swearing and street talk and of course life's hard and ain't too pretty and of course I love it.

It's minus the magical realism and minus a lot of the geek factor and minus a little of the higher drama of The Brief Life of Oscar Wao, but that just shows how well Diaz reveals the real nature of desperate humanity.

Yeah. Bookshelf, duh huh.

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