Sunday, December 29, 2013

The librarians defend the town!

Book: The Facades

Author: Eric Lundgren

Published: 2013 (Overlook Duckworth)

Pages: 215

There are two stories going on in this novel, one about an unreliable narrator trying to find his opera singer wife who disappeared on him and one about a town slowly going crazy through the buildings of its quirky founding architect. They are supposed to tie into each other, but they don’t, not nearly enough, so I’m left wondering exactly what was the point of all I just read.

I’m keeping this book because the librarians band together in an impromptu militant stand against the mayor who wants to tear down the town library and because of the gradual reveal of the lady’s real disappearance at the end, not because this book makes a whole lot of sense.

Bookshelf none the less.


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